How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud when buying iPhone

To our editorial mailbox often receive messages from buyers who have become victims of fraud and eventually left not only without money but also without the promised smartphone. Unfortunately, in place of injured sooner or later everyone can be, so it is more logical to protect yourself and learn to recognize the crooks on the market the iPhone has divorced too much.

The first sign ā€” the price

Suppose now you decide to buy a iPhone 5s to please mother, wife or mother-in-law. Making adequate the buyer? Correctly compares offers from the shops and chooses the optimal combination of price, delivery and so on. In the process a kind of market analysis you involuntarily picture, how many in the average price of this smartphone in the market. And if some site you saw the price in 10 thousand roubles at an average 18 thousand rubles, the tab is closed.

The sign of the second website

Fraudulent websites that only pretend to be shops, but are not, often only consist of one page ā€” on it you will get from search engine. Try browsing the website, to access other pages ā€” if you can’t do it, then you are the real crooks. Typically, they draw up their websites in the style of Apple. Remember: any good store will not do it because the risk of being with the company lawyers on the same trial.

Only prepaid

Scammers often work exclusively with prepayment, and 100%. They use “Yandex.Money” and other payment systems, so as not to reveal themselves. Decide on the price to 15 thousand rubles, since data transfers do not need identification on the passport.

If you are requesting delivery to another city, the seller may ask you to provide guarantees of payment, but in any case not the full amount of the device.

Payment for the goods in the terminal

Yes, it happens. Scammers leave, for instance, QIWI wallet and asked to make the full cost of the smartphone. You guessed it, no iPhone buyer does not receive, but “feeds” the terminal precious banknotes.

The absence of a sales receipt

In no case do not buy a device without a sales receipt. If the seller does not give check, it is likely that he is trying to sell you fake device.

Perhaps many of these tips seem obvious, but believe me, Scam victims who fall for such tricks, enough.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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