How to block unknown callers iPhone

The number of calls from spammers in recent years has increased dramatically — in the Apple, it is understood, therefore, provided an opportunity for the owners of iPhone block calls and messages from certain numbers. However, this feature does not protect in cases when the caller hides his number — he can continue to ring indefinitely until you turn off the phone. A couple of ways to deal with this problem.

The first standard means iOS, more precisely with the help of the mode “do Not disturb”. Open iPhone settings, choose “do Not disturb”, then “call Admission”. Set to receive calls only from selected callers, or from the group (for example contacts) and can no longer receive calls from intruders.

This method has one drawback — not to receive calls from spammers, you’ll have to enable “do Not disturb”. For some, there is nothing to worry, others can hardly find it convenient only in exceptional cases. So there is another option — to block subscribers using third-party applications.

In the App Store respective programs quite a lot, one of the most popular is called Truecaller. It integrates with a smartphone at the system level, allows to save the user from unwanted calls and block annoying numbers.

Name: Truecaller
Price: Free
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Set

Maybe you are using some apps to monitor your calls? Tell us in the comments.

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