How to buy iPhone 7 in the United States and to save 10 thousand?

We used that to buy the new iPhone in Russia, as a rule, only after 2-3 months after the official presentation. This time Russia did was in the second wave of sales, but here customers are faced with another obstacle — too high prices of new smartphones Apple. How to order iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the most profitable?

The answer is actually very simple — to buy a smartphone in the US, where iPhone prices are among the lowest in the world. But no need to go anywhere: just use the “mail-order” to pre-order the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in the U.S. and after some time to get the coveted smartphone in Russia!

On the website of “mail-order” provides two options to choose: either you bought yourself an iPhone on the Apple website or using the service “Help to buy”.

In the first case you do place an order and pay for it — just choose the model, configuration and color of the device, the main thing to specify “Unlocked”, so the gadget was not attached to the operator.

When it comes to shipping, just enter in the address field, which gave you the “mail-order” in Delaware. First, your iPhone will be in the warehouse of the service, and then will be sent to Russia.

Even with the shipping cost to buy an iPhone in the US using the “our services” is much more profitable — the benefits will be from 10 thousand rubles depending on the chosen configuration: the cost of redemption through the “mail-order” — 7% of the amount + $ 10 for shipping in the US. Well, shipping via Air Qwitry to your home will cost $ 26 approximately. For illustrative purposes, a sign how much you can save by buying iPhone in the US.

For example, here is the calculation for the iPhone 7 128GB: $ 749 + $ 53 for “assisted purchase + $ 10 for shipping in the US + $ 26 for shipping to the house — get 838 dollars. In Russia, the price 1031 dollar, obtained the benefit of 193 dollar 12 500 rubles.

If you don’t want to bother with the checkout, take advantage of the assisted purchase is a service to buy goods from online shops and delivering them to the warehouse “feel content”. Just log in to your account, enter the link to the product, color, price, quantity and other parameters. Then the service staff will do everything for you.

I advise you to hurry with pre-orders, because every day the delivery date will increase. Here is all questions to Apple, which can not provide smartphones from all comers.

By the way, every week we’re giving away two free delivery “for our services to become a member, fill out the form at this link. The results of the lottery every week!

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Clifton Nichols

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