How to calibrate the Apple Watch to correctly display the statistics of the trainings

Smart watch Apple Watch is designed to take them with her. However, sometimes they can show incorrect results. To avoid this, the device must be calibrated.

Apple watch help its owners to determine the distance traveled and the number of steps taken and calories burned. To be aware of the latest developments, you must correctly configure the gadget.

First of all, you need to update your personal statistics. You should check to ensure that the Health app correctly specified weight, gender, height and date of birth of the user. If you use a wheelchair, you must specify this on the application page.

Calibration of clocks depends on their model. Apple Watch Series 3 setting will not take much time. Just open “Settings”> “Privacy”> “location Services”, then scroll down to “System services”. If the option “System services” to find and enable the “Calibration distance”. Usually, it is activated by default.

When you configure older models of the Apple Watch will have little trouble. First of all it is necessary to conduct training, occupying no less than 20 minutes. You should also bring your iPhone. Both devices will send each other signals, and notes on the current situation. In the end, the clock will be adjusted thanks to the GPS Navigator on your smartphone. It should be remembered that the iPhone, like Apple Watch, should be placed in the most open place, preferably on the arm. This will allow the satellites to more accurately determine and transmit the location on the device.

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