How to change system font to Lucida Grande on macOS Mojave

Many users of macOS used the font Lucida Grande, which was used in the system to the release version of Yosemite. In this tutorial we will show you how to make old font system again instead of San Francisco.

Lucida Grande has long been a standard font for macOS. When released OS X Yosemite, it was replaced with Helvetica Neue. Starting with OS X Yosemite standard font was San Francisco. However, fans Lucida Grande a lot, some will want to make this font again standard.

This useful utility macOSLucidaGrande, which makes the process of changing the font as simple as possible. It’s free and supports macOS Mojave, unlike other similar programs.

How to change system font to Lucida Grande on macOS Mojave

  • Download macOSLucidaGrande on GitHub (direct link).
  • Install and run the program.
  • To change the font Lucida Grande is enough to click on it and the green button, and then restart the computer. Similarly, it is possible to return to San Francisco.
  • The developer notes two main problems with Lucida Grande on macOS Mojave:

    • Thin letters in Safari and Firefox may not display correctly. But this problem is not only macOS Mojave — it starts with El Capitan.
    • In the text input field, where there is a * symbol instead of a password, for example, in iTunes, this symbol is not displayed. The system recognizes the symbols, but it displays blank.
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