How to charge iPhone from a fire [video]

The idea of a device called FlameStower. not new, but is as relevant as ever. If you charge the smartphones from solar panel users may not in all cases, access to fire and water is the vast majority of.

FlameStower. can be the perfect accessory for camping trips. Folding device, able to charge iPhone and other gadgets, generates energy using a heat source, for example, a fire burner or tourist. As the developers of FlameStower. more reliable than solar panels, which are absolutely useless in bad weather or at night. Recharge your smartphone with this device is no more difficult than to heat a can of beans on the fire.

FlameStower. works as follows. The serving plate is heated by fire, and in a small bowl filled with water. The principle of operation of the generator of Peltier involves the temperature difference between its two sides, which gives an electrical output current. Due to the different temperature surfaces, the thermocouple generates energy. The output power of the product is comparable to a USB port of the laptop that is 1-2 hours around the campfire you can safely charge your iPhone.

FlameStower. to see in action in the video below:

Durable and compact device has a simple construction, and the cost of the FlameStower. on the official website low — $ 99.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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