How to check which iOS apps use

Over time, it’s easy to forget which apps you have granted access to system functions and components. In this tutorial we will explain how to check it.

How to check which iOS apps use

When you first launch the app request permission to use features of the iOS device. Users often do not pay attention to it and allow the app to collect all the data that it wants. Some developers use the indifference of users and thus collect even the data that they do not need.

It is sometimes useful to check what apps have access to iOS features and components of the device. For this it is necessary to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open “Settings” and go to “Privacy”.
  • Click on the desired component, for example, “Microphone”. This displays a list of applications having access to the microphone.
  • To disable or to grant access, you can use the green toggle switch.
  • How to check which iOS apps use

    Even iOS allows you to see what functions the system uses a specific application. To do this, we need to perform two steps:

  • Open “Settings” and scroll down the list. At the end of this list, in alphabetical order displays all applications installed on the device.
  • Click on the desired application. This displays a list of all the iOS that it uses.
  • How to check which iOS apps use

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