How to clean the apartment using your iPhone?

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Imagine: you made a cool party, hung out all weekend and here it is, Sunday. The next day, the parents will come to the apartment to come it is impossible from the amount of dirt and debris and you are not in the position to single-handedly clean out the house to Shine. Or another option is you work 10-12 hours a day and want to rest at least on weekends, not to get their 100 “squares” a day. Does this sound familiar? There is a simple and fast way to avoid them.

This will help the service Qlean and eponymous app for the iPhone. The point is that in just a few minutes you can order cleaning in the apartment, including extra services like Ironing, and not bother with washing floors, dusting and so on. At the appointed date and time you will come to a professional cleaners and perform all of the work that you so dislike.

Just tell us a little about the apartment (number of rooms and bathrooms) and select advanced options. Among the last available window washing, oven, refrigerator, cleaning inside cupboards, balcony and even inside the microwave. The Qlean app will automatically calculate the approximate cost of the service.

If you choose the frequency of cleaning (e.g. every two weeks), you can count on a nice discount up to 20 %.

Many often worry to entrust his apartment to strangers, even from a professional company. In Qlean about it you can forget: all our cleaners undergo a screening stage questionnaire, followed by telephone interview, after this group stage, a personal interview and a check of the internal security service.

But that’s not all. After the interview the cleaner goes in daily training, where he is introduced to the rules and equipment. Then there are two internships with a mentor, under whose guidance all the work is done. Only if the mentor is confident in the employee, the latter may begin to do the final cleaning by themselves.

When cleaning Qlean cleaners use eco-friendly and Hypo allergenic product, harmless to children and Pets. The cleaner comes with all his (even cleaner): all he needs is water.

In your account, you can link the card with cash it will only be charged after harvesting. Here you can add your favorite cleaner to the white list (you got it) or to black list if the service you are not happy. There are lots of opportunities, and, most importantly, they are all available in the mobile app.

By the way, for our readers there is good news! Use the promo code Insiderfriend when ordering your first cleaning and get 30% discount on it!

  • 1 bedroom apartment only for 1393 of the ruble instead of 1990
  • 2-room apartment for 1743 ruble is 2490
  • 3-room apartment for only 2093 instead of the ruble 2990
  • 4-room apartment for 2443 of the ruble instead of the 3490

Daily service runs about 400 cleanings, reflecting the quality of its services. Qlean can be downloaded at the link below. And don’t forget the promo code!

Title: Qlean
Publisher/developer: Qlean
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone

2 personLink: Set

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