How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad60 review

First time picking up a new iPhone or iPad, we marvel at how smoothly and quickly they work. Fresh hardware and pure software function is extremely responsive. But often it also happens that former ease and elegance of movements come to naught and operation becomes not so comfortable. One of the root causes of slow work is crowded cash.

Most users for some reason underestimate the value of cached information. It represents data that may be requested by the application from the memory for faster loading. However, sometimes there are failures, and the buffer for fast access, overflows. In this case, the device needs a “cleaning” to get rid of the software “garbage”.

Typically, the file cache can be found in many iOS applications. For example, the Safari browser uses to store information about the visited websites, so instead of re-loading quickly “pull” them from memory. It promotes faster user interaction with the system and saves time.

But information buffer can be “Packed” not just these web pages. In addition to sites that are cached and uploaded all on an iPhone or iPad app. The system automatically stores all the information about the processes download, update and work ON. Therefore, it is logical that the more programs you have installed on your iOS device, the more cached files are already stored in memory.

Despite the apparent destructiveness of the cache, all stored data does not harm the performance of applications. However, the memory device may be crowded these technical data are periodically deleted.

Clean cache Safari

The first thing we will start the virtual cleaning in the stock browser from Apple. Nothing complicated in these processes no, just go to “Settings” and scroll down the column of sections to the web browser Safari. Open the needed section, we find highlighted in blue the line “Clear history and data websites.” What you need.

Tapping your finger on the item, the system, requesting confirmation of the action, will offer us to erase the accumulated data. Open Safari again, you will find that all history of browsing the net, and all information about the selected sites are also absent. The browser will look like the first time you opened it. Nothing will remind you of previous sessions of web surfing.

Clean the cache of installed applications

Unfortunately, neither on iPhone nor on iPad iOS does not provide the function of cleaning the cache in specific programs. This is possible only if the developer has added the opportunity. Therefore, in most cases, the system does not remove the application completely, leaving some details to reinstall.

The best way to cheat “OSes” is a program called Battery Doctor. Fortunately, it is completely free, so spending your hard earned don’t have to.

So, downloading and installing such a valuable, open appears on the desktop icon and start “cleaning”.

It is enough to enter the tab that contains the cache, and just confirm the deletion. Be careful: in any case, carefully read the warning message that will appear before clearing. Nothing wrong there, of course not, but the application can delete the entire file content, including the progress in the games, regarding it as undesirable.

The application Battery Doctor also gives you access to the device memory. Through this section, you can monitor the filling of the free space and delete recently used apps.

Note: do not abuse clearing the memory too often. iOS itself copes with multiple programs and running processes.

After completing all the steps in the instructions, you will reconnect your iPhone to its former speed and smoothness of interface. Share in the comments, do you cache cleaning or watch your “Park” gadgets some other way?

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