How to “clone” or combine data from two iPhone

At the time, I am often faced with the need to combine data on two iPhone, when one phone was working, and the second — personal. The standard solution itself was not: you need to create a backup, then format one of the smartphones and restore it from a backup. A long, difficult and does not solve my problem.

Here come to the aid of a third-party solution in the app AnyTrans. This program is not only a full replacement for iTunes, but also has many useful functions — for example, free download of videos from YouTube, about which we wrote earlier. Now I discovered the possibility not only to combine the data on two iOS devices, but also to clone one of them.

Menu for combining data is called Merge Device. Connected to the computer two iPhone and wait a bit until the application review information on each of them. In the next step select which devices to combine.

Then select the categories to combine the data.

Will start the process of unification that takes a couple of minutes to an hour, depending on how much information you want to transfer. The result is one iPhone, which contains information from two smartphones, with no data lost.

With the help of AnyTrans, you can just combine the two, but to clone one to another, with complete replacement of information on the latter. You can, of course, first make a backup in iCloud or iTunes, then dump the second phone, restore from backup is all the time. It quickly and works like a Union: select device — category — begin “cloning”.

In General, once again convinced that the app is useful and versatile, worth the money spent. However, you can the free version do, the truth will not be available to all functions. You can download both Mac and Windows from the link below.

Title: AnyTrans
Publisher/developer: iMobie Inc
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Windows, OS X
Link: Set

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