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They say that communication does not happen much. And we fully agree. Have not forgotten or IRC chats The same principle works the app is Koo, but has a cool implementation: the program allows you to communicate in an anonymous group chats based on the locations and even to talk in PM with strangers.

Despite the reference to “past”, the program uses all available opportunities of our time. The user can be in several rooms, several personal conversations at the same time. The chats can withstand up to 500 concurrent users. Special handling and illumination allow not to make this play even with the high number of active interlocutors.

No registration data is not necessary to enter ā€” nobody asks your e-mail address, telephone number and so on. Just come up with a nick, password and a brief description to access the rooms. Rooms are cleverly sorted by location, so you can find like-minded people within a radius of one or 10 kilometers. Go into any room and start chatting! All completely anonymously.

The chat window is clear ā€” it is clear, who to whom addresses when the message was sent, and so on. Koo stands for full freedom of expression: no matter where you come from or what views we adhere. Everyone can say what he thinks, because he expressed his point of view no one will ban or delete.

If existing rooms do not suit you or you want to create your own community, welcome to your own room. Model messages, customize the room and turn it into its own cozy corner.

In the sidebar you can easily switch between their rooms and the shared, open favourites, view profile or invite friends to the app. Very cool implemented private messages: the program does not keep user logs, all personal messages are erased after the user unloads the app from memory (double tap the Home button).

Before email, you can view the profile (with photo) and then to start communication with a mysterious stranger.

The Koo app is available completely free of charge for iOS, but strong team of developers from the CIS is already preparing a version for Android, the release of which will take place in January. They are constantly updating their offspring, which in it appear all new and new opportunities. Everything new is well forgotten old. So why not to try new opportunities in a familiar guise?

Title: Koo
Publisher/developer: Cuckoo Systems
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: Universal app

2 personLink: Set

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