How to configure a new feature “sleep Mode” in iOS 10

You have trouble sleeping? Not getting enough sleep? The new “sleep Mode” in iOS 10 will help time to go to bed and Wake up. It works quite simply: you specify the desired sleep time and Wake-up time, and the system analyzes the information and reminds you when is the best time to go to sleep.

Why Apple added the “sleep Mode”

The modern man almost does not have time for sleep. And suffers not only the duration but also the quality of sleep: many people complain that they Wake up frustrated and tired. How and how much to sleep, to Wake up cheerful? Of course, Apple can’t magically solve this problem, but the function “sleep Mode” is designed to help improve sleep, coordinating a time when we need to go to bed, and sending reminders. Falling asleep and awakening at the same time every day is key to healthy sleep!

How to activate “sleep Mode”

Apple offers to simplify the process of customizing an application, asking a number of questions. The user is prompted to specify the required number of hours for sleep and active days of the week.

1. Go to the Clock application, and then to the tab “sleep Mode”

2. Press “Start”.

3. Specify the desired time of awakening.

4. Select which days of the week should trigger the alarm.

5. Choose the number of hours of sleep.

6. Specify when the iPhone should remind you to go to sleep.

7. Select the alarm sound.

8. Click “Save” in the upper right corner.

How to change the settings of the “sleep Mode”

1. Go to the Clock app, the tab “sleep Mode”.

2. In the upper left corner, select “Settings” and make changes.

3. Click “Finish”.

Desired time of sleep, you can change the slider icon of the moon, and Wake-up time – slider with an icon of a bell. Here you can enable or disable “sleep Mode”.

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