How to connect to your iPhone and iPad SD card or microSD

Many iPhone and iPad users wanted to be able to connect to your devices memory cards since the release of the iPhone 3G. Later this decision appeared, but required the installation of a jailbreak, and then the “native” adapter still and wait from Apple. However, the world’s first Lightning-card reader with capability of reading and writing developed not in Cupertino, but in a small company Adata.

Last fall they introduced to the Lightning Card Reader — a special adapter for the iPhone and iPad with SD memory cards and microSD. We waited for your instance and are ready to tell about their experiences, and most importantly — to answer the question: do we need all this memory card reader?

To admit, everything from the packaging to the design — gives Lightning Card Reader product from Apple, however this is not the case. Yes, in appearance it resembles the standard Apple adapter, but the inscription Adata dispels all doubts. The packaging is simple and convenient, but inside there is nothing superfluous: only the card reader and a small manual.

The first thing we immediately noticed is the weight. Accessory virtually weightless and heavier your bag is not more than a full pack of chewing gum. Very cool for photographers who have no backpacks that weigh at least 10 pounds.

On top of the card reader is a microSD card slot, and bottom — for SD cards, supports storage up to 256 GB. Curiously, the microSD inserted correctly, but the usual SD, you have to first turn marked down. Whether the idea design so, whether the connectors mixed up. In any case, the decision strange.

To work with the Lightning Card Reader you must install the free universal app Power Drive (link below) — it can be used to transfer data from the cards on your iPhone or iPad view videos and more. Similarly, the card reader works in the opposite direction — for example, you can “cast” the video from the iPad onto the SD card. Adata to the rest of the accessories worked only for reading, but not writable.

The application provides the ability to quickly access photos and videos on SD, not to climb on folders and create a backup of your device on the map. And iTunes you do not need more, because the Power Drive is also a cool file Manager. All in one, as they say.

The only thing missing Lightning Card Reader, according to our observations, so is speed. Copying movies takes more time than we would like, and if you spread the video in 4K with GoPro, you can still have time for lunch. Otherwise, this is one of the best (and almost the only) solution that I can find. Accessory certified under the program MFi, which cannot be said about cheap Chinese fakes.

Cases of using such a device quite a lot, but all of them are somehow connected cameras: for example, to quickly copy to the iPhone shot with the Canon Mark III and upload it to Instagram. You can, of course, and movies to copy to your iPad, or even watch them on the plane directly from the memory card.

In General, look for yourself whether you need this accessory for your everyday needs. To learn more about Lightning Card Reader on the website of the manufacturer and to purchase online (e.g. on eBay).

Name: PowerDrive
Publisher/developer: XINKER TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD
Price: Free
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: Universal app
Link: Set

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