How to control MacBook with tattoos [video]

Researchers from the laboratory of Microsoft Research presented an electronic device that resembles a temporary tattoo. Technology called DuoSkin allows you to create simple to manufacture wearable interfaces for control of computers and mobile devices.

The project involves applying to the skin a conductive transfer tattoo gold leaf. To connect with skin used the tape with the silicone, and the desired form is achieved through a regular plotter cutting a vinyl substrate. The result is a wearable metal pattern that has a certain functionality and it looks like a decoration.

With DuoSkin connected to the MacBook, the user can control some functions of the operating system, for example, to adjust the volume or control the mouse like trackpad. In addition, the gadget can be used as an indicator, the antenna or the NFC chip.

On the project website DuoSkin is positioned as a technology for creating both the interface and the body jewelry.

The developers are convinced that new technology has good commercial prospects. In Thailand, for example, a very popular tattoo gold leaf that look like jewelry applied right to the skin. DuoSkin looks almost exactly the same name and has useful functionality.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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