How to convert Live-photo to GIF without a third party application

The idea of moving pictures is not new. They appeared for many years in various books and films, as for example, in the Saga of Harry Potter. And Apple made this possible, thanks to the option of a Live Photo, which was presented together with the iPhone 6S in 2015.

Unfortunately, the exchange of live pictures is limited to Apple devices and to share those moments with users of other devices need to be converted into GIF format.

In this article we will explain how to convert Live-photo. GIF animation in iOS.

  • Go to “Photos” and select the Live photo you want to convert
  • Swipe it up and apply the effect “Loop” or “Pendulum”
  • Click on the share button and select “Mail”
  • When sending Live pictures to the effect of “Loop” or “Pendulum” iOS automatically converts izobrajenie in GIF animation.

    Please note that the size of the animations can be up to 10 MB.

    Clifton Nichols

    Clifton Nichols

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