How to create a sound system of several iPhone and Android devices

Any connoisseur of good sound never impressed by the capabilities of the speakers of smartphones or portable speakers, but ordinary people are actively using and those and others for listening to music. Many had fun trying to get the stereo sound by the simultaneous launch of the same tunes on multiple phones at once. The developers of the Amp offered Me a ready-made solution that allows to automate the creation of multimedia systems from multiple smartphones and/or wireless speakers connected to them.

AmpMe app makes it easy to tie mobile devices into one synchronized sound system, playing the same melody at the same time. The client is available for both iOS and Android, while you can sync devices on different platforms, so with the help of this service “green robot” is able to participate in a choir iPhone.

The principle of the application is simple: user “main” smartphone needs to choose the right music, and in order to join a musical party, and enough other gadgets to confirm the connection to the main dynamics. A few steps, and harmonious choir gadgets ready to provide party music.

On the main device, select the music source. This can be a local library, YouTube or SoundCloud. If you want at some point to change the source, you will need to press the options button and choose again in the left side menu.

At the moment, the app is only compatible with AmpMe tunes that are available for two online services, but the company is actively working to expand to other platforms.

Download AmpMe for iOS at this link, for Android for this.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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