How to create contact groups on iPhone

We know that the iPhone has the ability to add some contacts to the favorites section to get to them the fastest possible access. However, we can also create a contacts list of the ad hoc group according to various criteria, to stay in touch with people you are interested in without you have to flip through a phonebook.

Just say that with the iPhone to create groups of contacts, and to do this, you must use your Mac or PC. To start go to performed by logging in to your account and go to the “Contacts” section. Here tap the button with the plus sign in the bottom left of the screen and choose “New group”.

Then create a group and give it a name, for example “Work” or “School”. Then come to the list of contacts, searching for people and just drag their names in the group you just created.

Finally, pick up iPhone and check the sync our contacts through iCloud. To do this, go to settings iCloud and make sure that next to “Contacts” slider to green.


Now open the app “Contacts” in the top left corner, see the button “Group”. Here is our group. Now with one tap you can list only your own contacts and reach out to them. Don’t know for you, but for us, this trick is very useful, because sometimes you have to spend too much time searching for the right companion.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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