How to delete messages in Mail app in iOS 10

iOS 10, which brought the iPhone and iPad, but the increased functionality is still a lot of problems with the location of controls, forces us almost daily to publish the instructions and advice. We have already told you how to get rid of the desktop widgets how to reduce your data usage when using iMessage and even how to filter messages in the standard Mail app. Sometimes it seems that such topics will never run dry.

If you are one of those who prefer to all others the default mail client, you may have encountered the problem of deleting all incoming mail. Or, to be completely accurate, with the inability to do it the usual way, using the button “Erase all”. To explain the disappearance of virtual buttons in the release build of iOS 10.0.1 otherwise, as a mistake of the developers personally, I can’t. Otherwise it forces you to think about very strange ideas kupertinovtsy about convenience.

In order to delete all messages at once, you need to use the workaround:

  • Open the Mail app;
  • Navigate to the Inbox folder you need box;
  • Press “Edit” in the upper right corner;

  • Manually select the messages you want to delete;

  • Press archive/trash” in the lower right corner;
  • Confirm the action.

For those who prefer not to clog the cart itself, there is a way to permanently remove the moved files:

  • Click the “shopping Cart”;
  • Repeat the third step;
  • Press “Delete all”.

Became harder. Perhaps. The lack of such an important function is a serious loss for many users, accustomed to getting several dozen messages a day. Not excluded, however, that one of the next updates the developers of Cupertino will give us the ability to delete all correspondence without having to many unnatural movements. Otherwise, Apple risks losing the existing audience of regular Mail.

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