How to determine the wear level of the battery iPhone and iPad

the iPhone and iPad, characterized by a worthy indicators of battery life, but their batteries, sadly, is not eternal. After a while they lose their capacity, and subsequently require replacement. The iOS operating system continuously monitors the status of a regular battery, so the owners of smartphones and tablets can always determine the degree of deterioration of the battery and should be replaced.

Any modern batteries have a limited number of full discharge cycles. After that, they begin to lose according to the manufacturer’s capacity. A full cycle is the process of discharge of the device from 100% to 0%.

IPhone battery loses 20% capacity after 500 such cycles-discharge, the battery of the Apple Watch and iPad – after 1000 complete charge cycles. The iPod battery provides up to 80% of its original capacity after 400 full cycles.

How to check battery status of iPhone and iPad

If your iPhone and iPad purchased on the secondary market, then assess the condition of the battery is quite problematic. For such cases, useful third-party app. A useful program called Battery Life. On the home screen it shows battery wear level and gives you the rating: Perfect (excellent), good (), Bad (bad) and Very Bad (very bad). If the main section to navigate Raw Data, in line Cycles, you can see the number of charge cycles of the battery.

To know the degree of deterioration of the battery iPhone and iPad is also using desktop applications iBackupbot. Running the program, you need to connect the iOS device to the computer, and under Devices you need to select the gadget. In the right part of the window, see technical information. Here you need to click the “More Information”, which shows the number of cycles of the battery CycleCount.

How to extend the battery life of the iPhone and iPad

In order to extend the battery life of mobile devices, you should try to keep the battery level at the level of two third, and more specifically between 80% and 40%. It is not recommended to keep the device charged to 100%, this significantly reduces its service life.

Do not have to charge your new iPhone or iPad for 72 hours before using it to “remember” what it feels like to be fully charged. It is a myth. Such advice is valid when working with Nickel batteries, but in the case of lithium-ion batteries that are used in iPhone and iPad, it absolutely untenable.

Too frequent charging of battery can cause her minor damage. About once a month should still be carried out one full cycle of discharge / charge.

Experts also advise not to expose the device to extreme cold / high temperatures. The recommended storage temperature is 15 °C (59 °F) and the maximum safe temperature generally varies between 40 °C to 50 °C. At an average temperature of 25 °C Li-ion battery will lose 20% of its maximum capacity every year. At 40 °C, its capacity will annually fall by 35%.

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