How to disable automatic updates for iOS on iPhone and iPad

Automatic system updates ā€” one of the many new features in iOS 12. When enabled, your device automatically updates to the latest version of the operating system. In this tutorial we will explain how to disable this option.

When it comes to software updates, it is always better to control the process. Usually new versions of iOS come out without serious mistakes. But there are bad releases that spoil the feeling of using the device.

12 to iOS from Apple was the function of the intermediate automatic updates. Users receive a notification on whether they want to update your iPhone or iPad at night. If the answer was positive, the device is automatically updated when owner was asleep. In iOS 12 Apple has removed this possibility.

A new function responsible for automatic updates is disabled by default. But if it was previously activated, for example, during initial setup of the iPhone or iPad, it can be quickly turned off.

How to disable auto system updates in iOS 12:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to “General” ā†’ “software Update”.
  • Select “Auto update” and put the switch in the inactive position.
  • In the same way you can activate automatic updates. In this case, the device itself has been updated, it must be connected to a Wi-Fi network and to a power source.

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    Clifton Nichols

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