How to disable inertial scrolling on your Mac

One of the nice things Macs is scrolling with inertia, when it reaches the end of the last page smoothly “springy” instead of abruptly terminate. However, some users don’t like it, and in the settings it is possible this feature off.

If you think that this is done in the mouse settings, you are wrong: to disable inertial scrolling, go to System preferences — Universal access.

In the section “Mouse and trackpad” click “mouse Settings” and then choose to enable scrolling with inertia or not include.

Try an experiment to disable inertial scrolling, and you will probably surge wave of memories of how once you use Windows. Of course, nostalgia is a nice thing sometimes, but thank God that we live in the era of visual and tactile interfaces.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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