How to distinguish original iPhone 6 display from copii review

The review was provided by two displays: the first (left) is the original, the second (right) is an analogue, or copy, as some prefer to call it. There are many opinions about the origin and quality of the original parts. Each has its explanation and can be susceptible to critics and debates. Most often we hear: “the Original does not exist”, “the Apple doesn’t sell spare parts”, etc. let’s try to understand this.

Original parts exist and are divided into 3 types:

  • Produced in the factory. May have origins in China, is commonly understood that the parts may be “assembled” from component parts, but not verified by the service quality control of Apple. They match the quality and materials, installed parts on your Apple iPhone.
  • Shot with the device. May be the origin not only from China, but, for example, from Russia, when the first sales of the new devices is the price of spare parts is enormously high.
  • Low-quality copies produced by handicraft, in the factories, do not have professional equipment, or do not meet the requirements of Apple. They are called “Copy A, Copy B, Copy AA++”, etc.
  • Original spare parts for Apple items produced by licensed companies, Apple’s partners in China, but without quality control of Apple. And shot with new or used devices.

    Left photo is the original display for the iPhone 6, right ā€” “Copy of A”.

    If you look closer you can see the minor flaws (the remains of the plastic near the holes to screw in screws) in the smelting plastic frame, which is attached to the glass.

    On “Copies And” found the remains of glue between the glass and the plastic frame near the hole for the Home button.

    And perhaps the most important difference, which is visible on the white display is color. Original display (left) has a rich milky color. “Copy of A” more pale with a grayish shade of white.

    Original spare parts can be installed in the service center Apple Pro ā€” The material is prepared by experts

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