How to enable automatic change of the macOS Mojave

One of the major changes in the macOS Mojave is the “Dark mode” which completely changes the design of the system to dark shades. Unfortunately, it is not automatically enabled. In this tutorial we will explain how to correct this deficiency.

The standard means to activate the automatic change it. To do this, you need to download and install a free program called NightOwl. After installation, the icon of the program settings will reside in the “menu bar”.

NightOwl utility allows you to change the design in different ways:

  • NightOwl top there are two buttons, which include light (Light) and dark (Dark) theme.
  • To change themes you can use right-click on the program icon.
  • A function of Sunrise/Sunset changes themes depending on the time of day. To do this, the program requests access to the location.
  • Scheduled sets the schedule for the change.

Clicking the settings icon opens the advanced settings:

  • Run on Boot is responsible for running the program after turning on the computer.
  • If you put a check next to Play Sound, NightOwl will make a sound when you change themes.
  • Check Updates and Send Statistic — check for updates and sending usage statistics to the developers.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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