How to enable dark mode on the website in Safari on iPhone

Dark interfaces look good in the applications, not on websites. The problem is that many sites use a white background, which at night is unpleasant dazzle the eye. You can fix this in Safari on iOS with the app, “Siri Command”.

Yet there is no official API that would allow the website to automatically adapt to the dark mode in the system. This feature is still in development. To test it in Safari Technology Preview 71.0 macOS Mojave.

But until Apple added this feature in stable version of Safari and not released iOS dark mode, you have to look for workarounds like this extension for the application Commands.

How to enable dark mode on the website in Safari on iPhone

First you need to ensure that you have installed the iPhone app “Team.” If not, the latest version can be downloaded in the App Store. After this you need to download and install team Dark Mode V2.

  • Tap “Get a quick team.”
  • If you see a screen with the configure command, no need to change anything, just click “Finish”.
  • Command works only using Safari. With all the sites that I tested, it worked perfectly. To enable this, it is necessary to perform a few steps:

  • Open site.
  • Click on the “Share”button.
  • Select “Quick commands” → Dark Mode V2.
  • The team may request access to the site to work. In this case it is necessary to click “Allow”.
  • This command is best used on sites where a lot of white shades. If the site has a lot of color elements, they will be repainted in other colors or to blend with a black background.

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