How to enable “night mode” of iOS 9.3 on a Mac

Probably, many have already managed to test the new iOS 9.3 feature called “Night mode” when the device screen itself adapts to time of day and does less harm to the eyes of the user. This effect is achieved by increasing the “warmth” of the display — at night he is becoming less bright. However, this option is available not only to owners of iOS – or Android-devices.

To set “Night mode” on the Mac app f.lux, which automatically changes the color profile of the screen at the appropriate time of day. Program determines your location and even checked with the time zones for high precision measurements.

The application itself consists of one window, where you can make the screen “warmer” or “colder”, as well as to provide f.lux full freedom of action and care and your vision. We, the editors checked to work in the evenings in “warmer” colours is much more convenient though unusual. However the eyes really get tired not as fast.

It is possible that in the new OS X Apple will add such a mode, we will be able to use them without installing third-party applications. But as a workaround, f.lux is very suitable, especially because the program is available completely free of charge.

Name: f.lux
Publisher/developer: f.lux
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: OS X

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