How to extend the life Lightning-cable [video]

Virtually every user of iPhone and iPad familiar unpleasant situation, when after a month/six months/year cable charging orders to live long. Occurs mainly due to the fact that the cord in a particular place is subjected to frequent and severe bends. This is usually the beginning, near the plug. As a result, the insulation deteriorates and the wires break. Compounding the situation, the design of the plug. Blogger Cmon Trey suggested a trick that will protect the power cable for Lightning and headphone cords from mechanical damage.

How to extend the life Lightning-cable [video]

In order to delay unpleasant moment, you need to disassemble old pen and remove the spring. Then the spring goes on the cable near the connector. This is done not on the basis of spring a ring on your keychain, and through the middle of the spring. According to Tray, make it is easy.

To protect soft wire, you can further reinforce it with electrical tape in the place where it will be worn spring, otherwise its tip, where the ring is tightly compressed, it may dangerous to mess it up. After the operation the tape must be removed.

Left to bring spring to the plug and to put on it. It all looks in the end more than aesthetically pleasing, and the cable is reliably protected from dangerous sharp bends. Spring metal and it simply will not allow you to bend the wire so much that it was deformed and out of order.

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