How to filter messages in the Mail app in iOS 10

A standard set of applications available to every iOS user, as a rule, rarely requires replacement counterparts from the App Store. Being highly functional, state BY default offers a range of features, rarely forcing to use something more advanced. And if the installation of third-party email clients was somehow justified, with the release of iOS 10 to use the native app became much more comfortable.

The main advantage of the updated Mail app was the ability to filter the contents of the box. Innovation will be useful to those who used to mail correspondence during the day, getting tons of emails daily. Now you don’t have to manually sort all incoming correspondence, entrusting the job a little button appears in the left bottom corner. Look at to remember what she looks like.

If you can’t find her, it is likely that the functionality you are unlikely to use it because the key only appears if there are unread messages. Clicking on it brings you to a separate window where the app will show you the whole list of notifications that you haven’t paid attention. For greater convenience, you have several filtering options to separate your important mail from the unimportant, direct messages and copies, as well as messages with attachments from messages without them.

This will allow you to focus on required reading of the letters, ignoring the ones that don’t require a lot of attention. Filtering saves a lot of time and those who subscribed to many newsletters and promotional offers.

And what email client you prefer to use?

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