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Application: The Rambler.News | Free | For iPhone | Set

News apps quite a lot — each with its own selection, design and interface. From all this diversity a bright spot highlighted “the Rambler.News”: the application with the main news in Russia and around the world, updated 24 hours a day, recently received an impressive update.

Now there are videos and photos from the venues of major events. Everyone knows that visual information is absorbed better, and it’s sometimes fun to view a video on our channel than to read the article. With an updated, easy to navigate navigate the app easier.

Special attention is given section “Picture of the day” — as it is compiled by professional editors and by the readers. By the way, the story now you can add in bookmarks and to monitor its updates, which are absent in most news aggregators. With analytical materials can be viewed on the same news from different angles.

And, of course, can not ignore the support for Apple Watch. A lot of you know apps that allow you to read news directly on the watch? With “the Rambler.News” for Apple Watch, we often learn about the agenda, because it is considerably more convenient than manually poking through dozens of media sites.

In General, this is a handy tool for reading news and way to learn about all the most important events first. Download “The Rambler.News” is at the link below.

Title: The Rambler.News
Publisher/developer: Rambler Internet Holdings LLC
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone
Support For Apple Watch: Yes

4 personLink: Set

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Clifton Nichols

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