How to find out the wear level of the battery and the remaining time of the iPhone and iPad

Battery Life is a useful application for iOS-devices, through which you can find detailed information about the rechargeable battery. The user can obtain detailed information about the power source of iPhone and iPad and even find out its degree of wear.

Battery Life shows the current charge level in mAh, how discharged the battery is and how long it will take to replenish energy iPhone. Allegedly, the measurement accuracy of battery charge is 0.07%, when the same indicator from the Apple – 5%.

In the Appendix you can find detailed information about the battery, including temperature, ID, time of continuous operation. A separate section is devoted to the cable: this lists the current connection status, power, and other data.

With Battery Life you can find out the number of cycles the battery is and its serial number. In the Raw Data tab provides information about the power source that is connected iOS device.

iPhone and iPad can boast a decent performance battery life, but their batteries, sadly, is not eternal. After a while they lose their capacity, and subsequently require replacement. With Battery Life you can assess the condition of the battery. On the main screen of the utility shows the battery wear level and gives you the rating: Perfect (excellent), good (), Bad (bad) and Very Bad (very bad). If the main section to navigate Raw Data, in line Cycles, you can see the number of charge cycles of the battery.

The battery life is something of interest to any iPhone user. Even twice, if the person is prone to obsessive-convulsive disorder. Battery Life offers an invaluable service – provides an opportunity to learn how mobile can stay in offline mode. The application will show the time of the smartphone in a mode of surfing the web (Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G), standby, talking, watching videos and listening to audio.

Battery Life is available in two versions: official and unofficial. The first is available for download in the App store, the second in Cydia. The app for jailbroken devices offer more detailed information about the power source. Both versions can be downloaded for free.

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