How to fix the three most annoying features in iOS 11

The iOS update 11 was released almost a month ago, at most, it is a stunning step forward for Apple’s mobile platform. Of course not without problems.

Several innovations in iOS 11 is not bad, but they are really annoying.

Where to hide the automatic brightness control?

This is probably one of the most frustrating changes in iOS over the years.

The auto brightness is a feature that often makes no sense to configure. In fact, no need at all to configure, after deciding whether to use automatic brightness or not.

Of course this would work only if the correct operation of aftertaste on the iPhone, but unfortunately it is not.

The biggest problem arises when you need to manually adjust the screen brightness in control center. Immediately after that, the brightness will cease to work normally for a while. It’s incredibly annoying. You just need to disable and re-enable auto brightness to work properly. But first, you need to find it in the settings.

In iOS 11 Apple decided to move this function under “Screen brightness” in “Universal access”. For access you need to open “Settings” > “Universal access” > “Adapt display” and find the item within the room.

A very strange application bar in iMessage.

Application messaging is still wildly popular, and Apple really wants everyone to know that iMessage contains many interesting features. That is why the company added the annoying app bar at the bottom iMessage.

Actually quite handy to get quick access to extensions. However, some people really hate it.

To completely disable the pop-up panel is, unfortunately, impossible. In order to hide the application bar in all correspondences with just a simple tap on the App Store icon to the left of the text box.

How to manage icons in control center?

How to move or delete apps on iPhone? You need to press the app icon and then move it to any place or to remove. This is the logic that should be used in control center of iOS 11.

For some reason Apple decided to complicate the situation, and was forbidden to add or remove buttons while in the control, and change order. Instead, you need to go to “Settings” > “control” > “Configure controls”.

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