How to get a new Apple TV besplatno review

Tomorrow will be a real treat for some software developers. Indeed, thanks to the generosity of Apple, they will be able to become owners of the new generation Apple TV completely free, and even a few weeks prior to the start of sales.

This requires two conditions: to be a registered developer and subscribe to a set of tools TV Developer Kit. Since the number of free set-top boxes is limited, for free, can count not all. In addition, it is reported that the main priority of Apple will provide to developers who still have applications hosted in the App Store. If until 14 September you do not have time to register as a developer, your chances are zero.

As noted by one of the participants of the forum of developers of Apple, this is the first time the company provides for free to the creators of the applications their devices. We will wait, when among the participants of the program development will begin giving away for free a watch Apple Watch or the most powerful Mac Pro: still the application needs a thorough testing.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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