How to get Apple to hear your opinion about the products

In the comments on we always talk about what we like and don’t like in our iPhone, iPad, Mac and other Apple products. We are always happy to hear your feedback, but more important it will be for Apple, the manufacturer of devices and services, which we say daily. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to tell Apple what you think about each of the products and services.

What does it do?

When you leave feedback about the company, the product or service, to help you become a better person. Of course, Steve jobs was able to prove that users do not always know what they want, but the information that you do not like, can help Apple to make their products better.

How to leave a review?

For all who wish to leave feedback about the Apple products, the company has a special page. Unfortunately, it is unavailable in Russian, but most likely, it will not hurt. Want to leave feedback for Apple? Click on this link.

This page contains all of the modern products from Apple, including apps and services like iCloud and Apple Music. Select the product you want to leave a review, for example, iPhone.

You will be asked to provide your name, email address, subject, and type your review, as well as the version of the operating system of the device. All of this information will help Apple to derive the maximum benefit from your review. The remaining space is for anything you want to say. I will try to tell Apple your opinion about Siri and WolframAlpha for the Russian version of assistant.

After your review is shipped, Apple will thank you. The message warns that the company is unable to contact you to discuss your proposed topics. If you want to get help from Apple, you need to contact support. What is then needed to specify the e-mail address? If representatives of the company your ideas and thoughts seem very important, they may contact you to discuss the details.

It should be accurate and available to Express their thoughts and try to avoid unnecessary. Staff time Apple is very much appreciated. We will try to help them to spend it with maximum benefit.

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Clifton Nichols

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