How to get Apple to replace your old battery

If the user in the hands of the old iPhone and his concern is that Apple slows down phones with worn out batteries — there is a way. You can get the company free of charge to replace the battery in the iPhone. Reported by Apple Insider.

It is best to use AppleCare+ is the extended Apple warranty that can be purchased separately or as a part of the iPhone Upgrade Program. The company will replace for free battery when you check it and realize that the battery has lost more than 20 percent of its original capacity.

Transfer old iPhone, the IT giant can come in the Apple store or sending the gadget in the mail. In the second case, you must be careful: if Apple decides that battery is in order, it will eventually have to pay for the services and for the delivery of the smartphone.

There is also the possibility to contact authorized service centers. But Apple warns that third parties are allowed to set their own prices, which for the user may mean additional expenses.

For the longest time to change the battery will be, if you use email. After Apple will get the iPhone, it will take another 3-5 business days to send it back. Subscribers AppleCare+ can use Express delivery: service, Apple will send them a special box for transportation of a smartphone, but will be required to pay about six thousand rubles for insurance.

AppleCare Protection Plan costs about five thousand roubles. You can buy it in any day before the expiration of one-year limited warranty.

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