How to get around the “do Not disturb” in iOS 10

Mode “do Not disturb” — the perfect solution for those who for some reason does not want to turn your iPhone into airplane mode for the night, but fears of unwanted calls and messages during sleep. But there are people who call we are always happy, and therefore always want to be with them. Let’s look at what solutions are offered to you iOS 10.

To begin with we recall the method that is already more or less known to many. To add exception for users who will be able to reach you always, you need to open Settings and go to the “do Not disturb”, where the section, “call Admission” you must select a group of subscribers who will be able to easily get through the sleep mode. But this group, is it possible to create an exception for a specific user?


IOS 10, you and it. Open the Contacts app, select the desired user and click “Modify”. Open the subkey “Ringtone” and see a “Boost in an emergency”. Turn on the switch, and now this particular subscriber will be able to reach you even if you turn on the “do Not disturb”.


Apparently, this is not the last surprise lurking in the bowels of iOS 10. We keep digging and we will be grateful if you would inform the review of the hidden system functions that you could find.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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