How to get rid of mobile slavery in 5 steps

Everybody likes to have freedom of choice. Today smartphone is not only calls and SMS, but also access to the Internet, social networks and instant messengers. That is why many users are looking for operator with best tariffs for mobile Internet.

Since 2013, the change cellular provider in Russia does not entail the change number: technical progress has saved us from slavery. In the 21st century to move from one operator to another with preservation of numbers (mobile number portability ā€” MNP) ā€” a case of five steps.

Step 1. Training

First check, whether your name has a SIM card of your current operator. If you have debt, repay it before applying the new operator or within four days after submission.

Step 2. Statement

You need to issue a statement about the transition to a new operator. This can be done at your nearest sales office or on the website of the provider of cellular services. Some operators offer to order SIM card courier.

Step 3. The transition

Change of operator occurs within 1-2 weeks. Before porting your number to the network of the new operator you can use your old SIM card. Either use the temporary number the new SIM card. After the transition to the new network your usual number will be resumed.

Step 4. Activation

After the specified period you will receive SMS-message with the time of transition to a new operator. The notice comes on both SIM cards: the new and former operator. You need to activate the SIM card. If you haven’t replaced the SIM card, then insert the new smartphone and turn on mobile data. If you already use a SIM card with a temporary number, then restart your gadget and turn on mobile data.

Step 5. Use

Congratulations! Now you have a new operator, the usual room and pleasant Outlook to get a higher quality service at more affordable prices.

By the way, according to statistics of the Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation from April-beginning of August 2016 the service of transferring a mobile number from one operator to another benefited 800 000 users. In total from December 1, 2013 changed the mobile operator over 3.8 million subscribers.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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