How to install a torrent client iTransmission on iOS 5 without jailbreak

Increase the memory of smartphones and tablets has led to the fact that many of the tasks we have to perform on a mobile device, including downloading Internet content. On computers this task greatly simplifies the BitTorrent Protocol and associated software. Such opportunities are today available on iPhone iPad.

Last week saw the release iTransmission 5 best solutions to download torrents on iOS. The program offers a friendly interface and it’s the same as the desktop version is characterized by a stable job and a wide variety of settings. How to install iTransmission on iPhone 5 and iPad without jailbreak next in our instruction.

How to install iTransmission on iPhone 5 and iPad:

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Xcode, and the files itransmission_5.0.deb and iOS App Signer.

Step 2: connect your gadget into your PC, launch Xcode, create a new application and name it iTransmission 5 and enter a unique identifier such as com.yourname.itransmission.

Step 3: under Team, select the current command or specify the settings of the Apple ID. If you see a button that says Fix the Issue, press it and skip errors with the profile.

Step 4: Now open the iOS App Signer. Click Browse and double click on the file itransmission_5.0.deb that you downloaded in the first step. Select Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile and press Start. On your desktop appear file iTransmission 5.ipa.

Step 5: Open Xcode, click the Window menu, then Select Devices.

Step 6: Select your iOS device, tap the “+” and select your file iTransmission 5.ipa.

Step 7: iTransmission 5 will be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad.

Step 8: in order to be able to run the application, open Settings ā€“> General ā€“> Profiles & device management.

Here in the profile list need to find developer torrent client, go to my profile and click “Trust”.

After installation, iTransmission 5, open Safari, browse to any torrent file and click “Download”. Then in the window that appears click the “Open in” and select iTransmission ā€“ download torrent started.

In order to download magnet links how to use the content from Pirate Bay, click the link and copy the address. Then go to iTransmission. Click the “+” in the lower left corner, magnet in the window that appears, paste the previously copied link.

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