How to install Apple Watch face screensaver for your Mac

Your Mac comes with the screen saver? If not, perhaps you just haven’t found worthwhile option saver that will appeal to those who already use one of the screensavers on your PC. Rasmus Nielsen has created the Apple Watch Screen Saer for OS X screensaver that allows you to decorate the screen of your Mac one of the most attractive dials are available to owners of Apple Watch. Now they are available to you.

To install new Wallpaper, you can download it from this link, unzip the file and click on it right. The pop-up menu you need to select “Open”. OS X will try to protect you from the possible consequences of opening a file from an unknown source, and the pop-up window again, you will need to select “Open”.

This will open the system settings menu, which will prompt you to add a headband for a single user or for all. Choose what you prefer and press “Set”.

Immediately after that you will open section of options where you can set Wallpaper. In the list of available screen savers you can find newly added Watch OSX. In the lower left corner of this window you can select the time after which the screensaver will appear on the screen of your Mac.

In this window you will find a “Settings saver”, which will allow you to select the most suitable of the dial and adjust the color elements. Apple Watch owners will be able to put a screen saver on your Mac the exact same dial as the hours on them.

5 available dials and 17 possible colors allow you to use as screensavers one of 85 combinations. Many have already chosen one for myself. If you are curious to see how it looks in other, you can check the hashtag #applewatchsreensaver in Instagram.

According to the materials of 9to5Mac

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