How to install iFile on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 without jailbreak

File Manager iFile is considered to be a standard app on the iPhone and iPad, subjected to the procedure of jailbreak. This program was one of the first set after breaking iOS devices.

iFile is the most advanced file Manager in the Apple ecosystem. Its functionality is reminiscent of Air Sharing and iFiles from the App store, but offers a wider range of opportunities for work with files and documents: creation, editing, archiving, deleting, moving, sending e-mail, integration with Dropbox support Drug”n Drop and much more. Furthermore, iFile plays music the same as a standard player, and provides access to the files on your iOS device with computer through a local web address and Bonjour Protocol.

All this time to install a file Manager iFile you can install on iPhone and iPad jailbreak. Today, we’ll show you how to use popular application, without resorting to the procedure of hacking gadgets.

How to install iFile on iOS 10 without jailbreak

Step 1: Download the IPA file iFile at this link.

Step 2: using one of the following methods move iFile on your iPhone and iPad bypass the App Store:

  • Xcode (the official way): How to install any app on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak
  • Cydia Impactor: How to install any apps on iOS without jailbreak

Step 3: After installing iFile on your iPhone and iPad on the device, navigate to General ā€“> Profiles ā€“> [Name of developer], and then click “Trust.”

Step 4: Now you can launch iFile on your device.

It is understood that the possibility of iFile on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak is somewhat limited. In particular, the program cannot access the root directory and system directories. In any case, unofficial file Manager offers more features than its counterparts from the App Store. The program is compatible with any device on iOS 10.

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