How to install macOS Mojave on incompatible computers

Apple has provided a list of computers compatible with MacOS Mojave, which is not included many models but thanks to a free third-party tool from the developer known as “DosDude” advanced Mac users can install the new operating system.

In fact, the utility Mojave Patcher Tool creates a modified USB drive that you can use to install macOS Mojave on an unsupported Mac.

We do not recommend to use the utility on your main computer because the OS will not run stably on incompatible computers. For example, some computers may not work the network that the iSight camera, the accelerated graphics processor, and also may have different performance errors and other problems.

On the web developer site DosDude there is a detailed user manual and utility itself.

Dosdude also released a video on YouTube demonstrating the Mojave macOS on unsupported MacBook Pro 17 2009.

The list of unsupported Mac computers that can run MacOS Mojave with Mojave DosDude Patcher:

Mac Pro, iMac or MacBook Pro from 2008:

  • MacPro3,1
  • MacPro4,1
  • iMac8,1
  • iMac9,1
  • iMac10,x
  • iMac11,x
  • iMac12,x
  • MacBookPro4,1
  • MacBookPro5,x
  • MacBookPro6,x
  • MacBookPro7,1
  • MacBookPro8,x
    MacBook Air or Aluminum MacBook Unibody-housing 2008 or newer :
  • MacBookAir2,1
  • MacBookAir3,x
  • MacBookAir4,x
  • MacBook5,1
    Mac Mini or white MacBook 2009 or newer:
  • Mac mini3,1
  • Mac mini4,1
  • Mac mini5,x
  • MacBook5,2
  • MacBook6,1
  • MacBook7,1
    Xserve 2008 or newer:
  • Xserve2,1
  • Xserve3,1

The developer notes that the patch is not official and all manipulations with the installation of the user performs at your own risk.

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