How to install macOS Mojave

Show you how to install the test version of macOS Mojave now.

To install the beta version of the operating system to developers need:

  • To download the special installation file format .dng.
  • Open it and start the process of installing the developer profile.
  • In the opened window, the Mac App Store, click “Install”.
  • This will begin the download of the system with the subsequent installation.

The whole process will take about an hour or two. During setup, the laptop needs to be connected to the charger. It should be noted that the system in its current state is quite slow and unstable. Many third-party applications do not function quite as they should. Also, there is excessive battery consumption. Probably all of these shortcomings, Apple will fix it closer to release a public beta version of Mac OS Mojave.

However, if strongly drawn to experiments, the dark theme, function Stacks and the updated Mac App Store, you can test now. Also work new apps ported from iOS. You can see how they will work when developers will get access to the appropriate tools.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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