How to install on iPhone bar style Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

In the latest generation MacBook Pro appeared interactive touch panel touch Bar, replacing the standard function keys. When any program is not active, it duplicates the standard number keys previous Mac. Otherwise, open the palette commands that are specific to a particular application. Today Cydia jailbreak-Supplement to help you bring this element of “professional” laptop Apple on the iPhone with iOS 10. The Creator of the original add-in – Australian programmer LaughingQuoll.

The developer has proposed a solution for anyone who desires to on his device with interactive control panel in the style of the MacBook Pro. The TouchBar tweak for iPhone brings the classic details of the management element laptops – flat function buttons and controls the main functions of the operating system.

If the iPhone is opened the home screen, the toolbar shows three buttons – “Back”, “Home” and “multitasking Bar”. A swipe to the left reveals three buttons for controlling music playback. From here, you can put the track on pause, turn on the next song, or switch the previous track. A swipe to the right opens the buttons to control basic functions of the smartphone: screen brightness, volume level, call and Siri.

In the settings of the TouchBar you can override the basic functions of the software add-on to remap the buttons, enable or disable transparency, to change the default location, icons, etc.

TouchBar has been submitted!

Here is a compete demo of what TouchBar is:#jailbreak #cydia #macOS #ios

— LaughingQuoll (@LaughingQuoll) May 28, 2017

The utility is implemented as a separate jailbreak tweak, so it works without loading the package WinterBoard. To set iOS 10 bar Touch Bar, you need to find in the search TouchBar Cydia program, confirm the setting and to make an election of choice!. The device is compatible with all devices on iOS 10, but the developer warns that the application conflicts with Takami Harbour, Cercube and StopAlarm8+.

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