How to install the tweak Watusi for WhatsApp on iPhone without jailbreak

With the advent of the messengers, the need for traditional SMS messages have disappeared. We resort to SMS, I guess, only if you need to send word to loved ones who have a smart phone the usual “dialer”. The most popular way to send messages is WhatsApp messenger.

With the help of a tweak called Watusi is possible to remove many of the restrictions of WhatsApp and add a few useful features. Development contains special settings that are not available to users of the official version of the messenger. Among the “bonus” recording of voice calls, disabling the status indicator set, the delivery report message.

In addition Watusi allows you to change the text color in the app, the background image for links in chat and the font size. Statistiс section shows detailed statistics on the messenger and individual correspondences.

Now, thanks to the efforts of developers to use the Watusi on the devices without jailbreak. How to install the software on the iPhone, then in our instructions.

Step 1. To install Watusi, you will need a specially prepared version of the client at this link.

Step 2. Further in one of two ways you want to transfer the IPA file Watusi on your mobile device:

  • Method 1: Xcode for Mac. How to install any app on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak
  • Method 2. Cydia Impactor (Windows, Mac, Linux). How to install any apps on iOS without jailbreak

Step 3. After the application Watusi appears on your device, you must enable the program. Otherwise, the message “Untrusted developer”.

Step 4. To resolve this error, navigate to General –> Profile or Main –> Manage device. Then find the name of your Apple ID. Click on it and click Trust, then Trust.

Step 5: Now you can run Watusi as a regular application on the iPhone.

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Clifton Nichols

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