How to kill the PS4 one message

Many PS4 owners are faced with the problem when you open a message containing a string of characters which crashes the console. In some cases, cease to work properly and users have to perform a full factory reset to restore normal operation.

Users messages come from strangers, which contains characters with unknown encoding, the system is unable to recognize, which leads to crash. This may stop working controller, sound, and access settings.

Most likely, Sony will react quickly to user complaints and will release a new IOS system that will eliminate the problem.

To avoid system failure due to this message, there are multiple solutions:

  • If you receive a message, open it in the Sony PlayStation Messages for Android or iOS. A poison message can be deleted using the mobile platform, but it is worth doing before you turn on your console and sign in to the PlayStation Network.
  • You can also configure the reception of messages on the PlayStation 4 only from friends:
    • Go to manage profile Sony Entertainment Network. Sign in with your credentials PS4. Select “Personal information | Communications” and click on the edit button next. Here you can allow messages from any sender, just friends or do not receive from anyone. While Sony will not fix this error, you have to choose one of the latter two options.
    • On PS4, go to “Settings” > “Manage account” > “privacy Settings”. Select “Personal information | Messages”. Here you can also set permission to receive messages.
  • If you are affected by this issue and the PS4 is not stable even after deleting the message, you can load the console in safe mode and rebuild database. This process will not affect the saved data.
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