How to know the validity of the iOS 9.3.3 on your iPhone and iPad

Not so long ago a team of hackers has released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3. The hacking of the firmware was carried out by two different methods, so there is some confusion, how long it will be workable.

Both versions of Chinese (PP) and English (Pangu) – for installation require a signed Apple developer certificate, which depends on the duration of the jailbreak, one week or one year. After that you need to update the jailbreak on the device.

This creates confusion, as many users do not have any information about the version installed on their iPhone and iPad certificate. Many would like to have a certificate for a period of 1 year, saving yourself the trouble of reinstalling jailbreak every 7 days.

Find out how long will be valid the jailbreak is easy.

Step 1: Install the free app iFile from Cydia.

Step 2: Launch iFile and navigate to the following folder — /var/MobileDevice/ProvisioningProfiles.

Step 3: Open the certificate file in a text editor.

Step 4: Locate the line <key>ExpirationDate</key>. It will indicate the exact date of the expiration of the jailbreak. If you see a “2017”, it means that you have an annual corporate certificate of the registered enterprises of Beijing Hong Yuan. If not, then you have a free developer certificate for the period of 7 days.

There is a simple validation method. Go to Settings –> General –> Profiles & device management. If you see a certificate like the one shown in the screenshot below, you have a certificate from the company for 1 year.

If your iPhone and iPad includes a certificate with a validity of a week, you can use this guide to extend it to 1 year.

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