How to learn to make applications for iOS and macOS

Have you ever thought about creating apps for iOS and OS X, which millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac use every day? Know that many has occurred to develop programs for Apple devices, however, beginners tend to get scared of difficulties in learning and independent studying of textbooks.

The profession “developer of apps for iOS and Mac” is versatile: it combines the knowledge of two programming languages — Objective C and Swift. The first is a primary language by Apple based on C language has a simple syntax. Without this language will not take to working in the Studio or mobile applications. But Swift is a relatively new language: Apple introduced it in 2014, it is integrated with C and works faster than Objective C and Python, allowing you to create any programs — like games and useful applications.

Now professionals who know Swift units, so they are very popular in the market. Just go to any HR area to see the average salary of iOS developers — 100 thousand rubles. Experienced programmers have a salary of several hundred thousand + different bonuses from the company.

To get a better result in a short time and a guaranteed internship, you can use the course “iOS Programmer” from the service GeekBrains. It includes both Objective C and Swift, that is essentially you get two majors instead of one. Sensible iOS programmers dismantled like hotcakes, so without work they do not sit one week.

The learning process is an online broadcast of the lessons so you can study from anywhere in the world. Specially designed unique technology allows to make remote learning even more convenient, than full-time. Do homework, and if you are unable to be in class, viewing it in the record. Here is the usual lesson in GeekBrains:

Why online courses? They have obvious advantage in comparison with universities at the time and thus give the opportunity to earn practical experience and to guarantee results. 7 out of 10 students find service work in the learning process, because GeekBrains provides guaranteed internship. In addition, students gain invaluable experience of team development and the case for portfolio. Without the latter, now almost not to get a job.

So, for example, might look like your summary after the training:

Learn the course “iOS Programmer” in just 5 months. It has no maximum difficulty level, but the highest level of demand. Time savings are achieved because you will have no boring theories. Three hands-on course and training is all that is needed. In the first stage teach programming for the iPhone and iPad in Objective C, on the second OS connects X, and completes all that training the Swift.

It’s nice that all the pleasure will cost less than one semester in the technical University of Moscow. In any case, the best investment is investing in yourself and your education, and it should not be forgotten. And for those who are still undecided with the direction, offer the free course “fundamentals of programming”.

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