How to make a boot disk with macOS Mojave

Boot disk essential for a clean installation of the operating system, and it can also be useful in emergency cases when you need to reinstall the OS without access to the Internet. In this article we have prepared a tutorial on how to make a bootable USB stick with the installer macOS Mojave.

The requirements for creating a boot disk

  • USB flash drive 16 GB (or more)
  • Download installer macOS Mojave, you can use the direct link, after downloading the installer will be located in the Programs folder

Make a boot disk with macOS Mojave

In the process of creating the boot entry all the files on the USB drive will be erased, so to start you need to save all the necessary files.

  • Check for the presence of Mojave macOS installer in the applications folder
  • Connect the USB drive to your Mac, then format it using disk utility

  • Run “Terminal” and type:

sudo /Applications/Install macOS –volume /Volumes/TheXframe –nointeraction && say Created Mojave Drive

Don’t forget to change the “TheXframe” the name of your drive.

  • Hit the “Enter” key, then you will be asked to enter your password on the administrator account

The process of creating a boot disk will take some time, during which the Terminal will inform about the progress. When USB will be ready in the message box will appear:

Install media now available at “/Volumes/Install macOS Mojave”

MacOS installer Mojave can be used for the updates of compatible Mac computers, either for a clean installation on a formatted hard disk.

How to boot from a USB drive

  • Immediately after switching on or restart your Mac, hold down the Option key.
  • Release the Option key when you see the window boot Manager.
  • Select your startup disk and click the arrow beneath its icon or press “Enter”.
  • After booting from USB-stick will open the installer window, macOS Mojave, where you can upgrade or install the operating system, as well as to access disk utility or the terminal. The installation or upgrade takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the Mac model and disk performance.

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