How to make an old Mac to run quieter and faster on OS X El Capitan68 review

My MacBook Pro 2008 and 2009 runs on OS X El Capitan, and work these computers quite well. As promised, El Capitan, the company has focused on the optimization of the system, paying less attention to new features, and the OS behaves much better than OS X Yosemite. But there is no limit to perfection, and colleagues from 9to5Mac has published some tips that will make the life of owners of older Mac even better.

From time to time your Mac fans buzzing, runs cooler, and you can see how it would be hard, leisurely watching the action on the screen? Is respects to my old technique. I personally admire the fact that my computers for 7 years regularly work and help me with everything. If you can do something to lighten their fate, should do.

Please note on your Dock

Each of the applications, the icons which you see a black dot, and makes work and makes you work your Mac. The more, the, naturally, the computer is more difficult to deal with them. If you have a dual core processor and a not too impressive amount of RAM, try to find to Dock something unnecessary and close.

Get rid of unnecessary login items

Go to System settings and find the section Users and groups. In this section you will see a tab called login items. If you will find in this list something that you don’t use every day, better to remove this application from startup.

Take a look at monitoring system

You can find the application Monitoring system using Spotlight search or digging in your Utilities folder. In this app you will be able to track the processes which eat more memory and CPU strength than we would like. Go out on the hunt prepared. In the list you will inevitably see the processes that are required for the operating system, and to touch them is not necessary, for example WindowServer, kernel_task and MDS.

Give the system the place to turn

The less debris on your hard drive and more space, the easier the operating system live on your computer. Of course, OS X will work even if you leave free 1 Gigabyte, but it is unlikely you will enjoy her work. Quite otherwise the system will behave, with 50 gigabytes of disk space. If you have movies or other heavy files on which you don’t want to get rid of, but you need them only occasionally, write them to an external hard drive and send it to storage until needed.

Hard disk long time ago to change to SSD

This is the best thing you can do for your Mac, and I checked it on their skin. Throw away your old hard drive and install in his place a good quality SSD. Your computer will be quieter, easier, faster and more reliable. Everything becomes better with SSD.

Add more RAM

After replacing the hard disk on SSD your Mac will begin a new life. If you want in the new life he was even more capable than it was in the old, increase the amount of RAM, if possible. Your active applications have a place, and it does not happen a lot.

According to the materials of 9to5Mac

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