How to make color corrections on photos using “Preview” on macOS

The Preview is part of macOS, and can open images and PDF files. It is possible to import images from a camera or scanner, edit images.

Preview in macOS is one of the most functional tools for viewing images that are included with operating systems. To adjust the colors in an image using preview, open the desired file in the menu bar, click “Tools”, then select “Adjust color” or press key combination “Command + Option + C” on the keyboard.

For quick setup you can use the option “Auto levels”. Under histogrammes are three sliders: the left adjusts the dark areas, the middle adjusts the midtones, and the right is responsible for bright areas of the image.

Under the “Automatic levels” are sliders to fine-tune images: “Exposure”, “Contrast”, “Light” and “Dark areas”. In ordinary cases these settings enough to adjust all the necessary parameters.

For white balance setting use the eyedropper tool, you want to choose a neutral gray or white point in the photo. Use the sliders “Temperature”, “Saturation”, “Tint” and “Sepia” to get the desired effect. To convert a photo to black and white, drag the slider “Saturation” to the left.

Use the slider to Sharpen if you feel that the picture is slightly blurred or not enough definition at the edges. Use this option carefully, and intense overlay of sharpness can ruin an image.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, any changes can be rolled back to a until the image is saved. To undo all edits, click “Reset all”.

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Clifton Nichols

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