How to “make friends” TV with your iPhone or iPad

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If you sometimes watch TV, you probably know how difficult it is now to find out what the program will show tonight or when the broadcast will start your favorite movie. Paper TV now almost no one buys, have to climb in the Internet and watch everything there. And since at hand we most often are smartphones, it is much easier to learn all the necessary information with the application. And such program is — Tviz not only will be your personal television program, but also tell which gear is now on TV.

On the main screen displays a TV guide with only those channels that interest you — you choose them when you first start. No need to surf the web and find what you enjoy, because it all collected here. You can search for channels, select a date or genre. All cleverly and conveniently sorted.

A useful function for busy people — a reminder of the start time of your favorite movie or program. To do this, simply open the page and select reminder time: during the beginning, in 5 minutes or your time.

In the special tab of the “Interesting” contains all of the most relevant movies, TV series and transfer, you may also like. Tviz specially does so that you don’t miss important announcements and the latest news.

But one of the major features of the application — recognition of transfer by the sound. Just hit the red button, let “hear” the TV, and just a couple of seconds Tviz will tell you which movie or TV show you are watching at the moment. This is a truly amazing technology, which is unique on the market.

For each transmission provided a detailed description, age limit, rating and other useful information. If you wish, you can choose to evaluate the program and to help in the selection of other users Tviz.

A nice bonus is the ratings of the film on “IMDb”, IMDB, and even the cast. If for any reason you are not able to see a movie at a specific time, the app will suggest the next releases on TV, because often the transfer is repeated the next day, but in a different time interval.

So Tviz is not only easy TV program, but your personal assistant in the world of television. The application is absolutely free, so feel free to download it from the link below. Incidentally, there is also a cool web version, if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet.

Title: Tviz
Publisher/developer: Tviz
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: Universal app

4 personLink: Set

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