How to “make friends” universal remote with Apple TV?

Remote controls have taken over the planet. They are everywhere: in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and sometimes even the toilet and bath. A whole set of these little plastic boxes to control the TV, surround sound system, Blu-ray players, games consoles and a lot more than often make to the look of your house as a sale in the store small electronic products. Fortunately for us, the solution already exists. And it is called “universal remote controls”. Only one thing is able to control all electronic devices in your home, including your Apple TV.

So, if you want to simplify management of your entertainment or you just don’t like the option of control via Siri, you can easily “teach” your Apple TV to work with universal remotes.

There are many universal remotes. They are all different. And although almost all they are able to control your Apple TV, you still should double-check their capabilities and compatibility. Below will be given instructions on how to set up the universal remote control to work properly with your Apple TV.

  • In the main Apple TV screen, go to “Tinctures”;
  • Choose in the appeared menu “Remotes and controllers” (Remotes & Devices);

  • Select “Learning remote” (Remote Learn);
  • Make sure the remote control is enabled;
  • Using universal remote press “Start” to begin the learning process.

Follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Next, you should select the appropriate remote control keys “up”, “down”, “right”, “left”. Keys, you can choose any, but it is logical, of course, pick those that are most suitable for this purpose;
  • First, hold down one button and wait until the system is fix, then we choose another, a third, and so on;

  • If you want you can give a name to the control panel;
  • After that press the button “Done”);

  • Likewise, custom playback controls;
  • At the end of the settings click “OK”.

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